Money in your pocket so you can get on with life

Whether you are a home owner, renter, a business, a not-for-profit or a farmer, Redicova gives you the power to choose your sum insured.

Sign-up in three simple steps.

Step 1 - Check Eligibility

To purchase Redicova you need to check your insured addresses eligibility via the online eligibility checker.

If eligible, you’ll need to complete a quote request form via the website and fill in your details including your street address and how many units of Redicova you are looking to purchase.

Different to traditional insurance, Redicova offers units of cover with each unit providing a $1,000 Sum Insured agreed at purchase.

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Step 2 - Receive Quotation

The Redicova team will review your details and send you an email with your quote within 48 hours. This quote will be based on the location you are wanting to insure and the amount of units you would like to purchase.

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Step 3 - Account Activation & Policy Purchase

When you receive your quotation, you will also receive login details to access the Redicova portal online where you can change, apply for or renew your cover anytime.

To protect your privacy, Users must register and confirm an activation email before they will be able to access the portal to ensure adequate security checks are met.

Check your junk mail if you do not receive your activation email within five minutes of registering as a user.

Once logged in, Redicova users will be able to view and accept the quotation provided via email - confirming all policy details before purchasing your annual Redicova policy via Poli pay or Secure Pay.

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Have Peace of Mind for Cyclone Season

Relax knowing you’re covered for economic loss following a severe tropical cyclone. If your insured address is hit by a severe tropical cyclone category 3 or above, we will notify you that you are eligible to claim via email notification.

Alternatively, if you use an insurance broker then please contact them for more information. We can provide commercial parametric cover up to $2m and we have partnerships in place with many brokers around Australia.


Why do I need it?

Having cash in the bank during a crisis enables you to recover more quickly.

After a severe tropical cyclone the full economic costs of recovery often far exceed your traditional insurance claim settlements. The money you need to recover from an event is often a lot more than what you have saved for a rainy day.

At Redicova, we offer a simple and effective approach to insuring for, and provision of, essential disaster funds when they are needed most - within three business days of receiving your claim. By paying cash upfront, Redicova strengthens your financial resilience and fast tracks your journey towards recovery.


Homeowner and Renter

Covering your additional costs of getting your family back on the road to recovery.

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Reducing financial stress and supporting you to recover from a severe tropical cyclone.

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Business Owner

Supporting your business continuity and your balance sheet during a crisis with an upfront 
cash payment.

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Replacing your uninsured crops and property. Supporting your farm continuity and your balance sheet during a crisis with an upfront cash payment.

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The sum insured you'll be paid within three business days of submitting your claim.

Cover is triggered when the BoM records a severe tropical cyclone at your insured location.

If a category 3 or higher cyclone is recorded by the BoM, Redicova will automatically pay you a pre-agreed sum insured within three business days of receiving your claim – no questions asked.

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BoM records your insured address has been hit by a category 3+ cyclone.

Redicova notifies you via email, requesting your confirmation to pay your claim.

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Redicova will deposit your sum insured within 3 business days of receiving your claim so you can get on with life.