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Unlike traditional insurance which is designed to cover property damage, Redicova is provides immediate financial support to you after a severe tropical cyclone.

We do this using a parametric trigger. This means cover is triggered by when a severe tropical cyclone hits your area, even when no property damage has been caused to your insured address.

Funds can be used as you need them.  Redicova is designed to help you quickly cover your immediate financial needs – from childcare to loss of income, unexpected expenses or uninsured damage, and anything in between.

Our Redicova promise is an effortless settlement within three business days of logging your claim.

How does the claims process work?

The automated claim management process is activated after a severe tropical cyclone (cat 3+) as recorded by the BoM ends.

If your insured location has experienced category 3, 4 or 5 winds, we send you an email message that tells you that “You’re eligible to a claim payment”.

To receive a payment, you must complete an electronic Attestation procedure by responding to the email messages initiated by us or by contacting us directly. The Attestation confirms that you have been impacted or are likely to be impacted by the severe tropical cyclone.

After you respond affirmatively, we initiate payment into your nominated account.

We use email because it contains a unique link to our portal which controls our automated payment system.

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We insure Northern Australia between Carnarvon (WA) postcode 6701 to Bundaberg (QLD) postcode 4670 including the Northern Territory.

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How we pay claims?

Your claim settlement is paid automatically to your nominated bank account by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) upon receipt of your electronic attestation.

Settlements are determined by your insured address recorded in the Redicova portal.

You are responsible for the currency of your account details. Please ensure you bank account details are correct and current at all times.

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