First to Pay after a severe tropical cyclone

We can help communities in Northern Australia recover quickly after severe tropical cyclones

A new parametric wind product for Northern Australians living in coastal situations and inland up to 300km,
between Carnarvon (WA) postcode 6701 to Bundaberg (QLD) postcode 4670 including the Northern Territory.

Fast Disaster Recovery Cash

Redicova is a parametric wind insurance that compliments your traditional insurance such as home, business, strata, or farm.  Redicova provides an agreed lump sum payment that is triggered when BoM declares a severe tropical cyclone which passes over your insured address.

We will usually pay your sum insured within three business days of making a claim, regardless of any other insurance you have.  This provides you with Fast Disaster Recovery Cash to help you when you need it most.  Click here to get Redicova

Fast, Simple & Trusted.

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Fast financial support for the immediate aftermath of a disaster

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Sum Insured is agreed at purchase

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Insurance for Severe Tropical Cyclones classified by the BoM as a Category 3, 4 or 5 cyclone