Insurance Built for Big Business

Redicova offers corporations an alternative to the traditional loss assessment model. Cover is triggered by a severe tropical cyclone.

We pay you a pre-agreed amount within three business days of receiving your claim, to cover your unanticipated expenses and lifestyle costs, with no delays or assessments.

How Redicova can help corporations.

A Redicova policy allows big businesses to transfer unwanted risk from severe tropical cyclone elsewhere; and ensures you have access to cash to support and fast track your recovery.

Redicova supports your balance sheet in a crisis and helps cover the financial gap caused by slow responding business interruption policies or high excess on traditional material damage policies.

Redicova is the obvious solution for big business and it is fully tax deductible like any other insurance.

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We insure Northern Australians between Carnarvon (WA) postcode 6701 to Bundaberg (QLD) postcode 4670 including the Northern Territory.

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Farming is a tough gig, made harder by the annual threat of cyclones.  Redicova is the first product we have been able to buy for decades to help us protect our bottom line.  It’s easy, its annual and it’s a tax deductible expense.

Tully Banana Farmer | customer since December 2021

Recover quickly after a severe tropical cyclone

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Insurance that pays faster

Redicova is a parametric insurance which means it offers agreed payouts when a trigger event occurs. So when a severe tropical cyclone passes over your insured address, Redicova pays you for your sum insured amount with no waiting and no assessors.

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Use funds as you choose

Redicova is not insurance for specific items like tractors, homes or cars, instead it covers you if your insured address is hit by a severe tropical cyclone, category 3 or more, you can use your funds to cover your unanticipated expenses and lifestyle costs.

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Designed for Northern Australia

Developed specifically for Northern Australia to help you bridge the financial gap between your immediate needs and existing support services, so you can recover quickly and prosper after a severe tropical cyclone.

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The sum insured you'll be paid within three business days of submitting your claim.

Cover is triggered when the BoM records a severe tropical cyclone at your insured location.

If a category 3 or higher cyclone is recorded by the BoM, Redicova will automatically pay you a pre-agreed sum insured within three business days of receiving your claim – no questions asked.

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BoM records your insured address has been hit by a category 3+ cyclone.

Redicova notifies you via email, requesting your confirmation to pay your claim.

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Redicova will deposit your sum insured within 3 business days of receiving your claim so you can get on with life.