Redicova Referrer Network

Over the past four years Redicova has formed some very special relationships with a network of individuals and companies to bring our unique insurance product to life.

All these people have been hand-picked for their capabilities, reputation and commitment.


Jaison Sebastian Jaison Sebastian 4740
Nick Hulme - Paljor Pty Ltd Nick Hulme - Paljor Pty Ltd 4870
Axiom Insurance Brokers Axiom Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd 4350
Reef Insurance Brokers Ten Seventy Pty Ltd 4869
EBM Elkington Bishop Molineaux Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd 6005
All Parks Insurance All Parks Insurance Pty Ltd 2259
NQIB North Queensland Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd 4810

Cover is triggered when the BoM records a severe tropical cyclone at your insured location.

If a category 3 or higher cyclone is recorded by the BoM, Redicova will automatically pay you a pre-agreed sum insured within three business days of receiving your claim – no questions asked.

Redicova map Hit-05 1

BoM records your insured address has been hit by a category 3+ cyclone.

Redicova notifies you via email, requesting your confirmation to pay your claim.

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Redicova will deposit your sum insured within 3 business days of receiving your claim so you can get on with life.

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The sum insured you'll be paid within three business days of submitting your claim.