First to Pay after a severe tropical cyclone

What's Covered?

If your Insured Situation falls within the recorded path of Very Destructive Wind Zone published by BoM, or the surrounding 5km Buffer Zone, we will pay one, but not both of the following:

  • 100% of Sum Insured Settlement - Very Destructive Winds claim
  • 30% of Sum Insured Settlement - Buffer Zone Winds claim

What are Very Destructive Winds?

Winds caused by a Tropical Cyclone which are recorded and published by the BoM as having reached maximum mean surface winds of no less than 118 km/h near the centre of the cyclone and maximum wind gusts over land of no less than 165 km/h.

What is a Very Destructive Wind Zone?

The central red circle area shown on the BoM Tropical Cyclone Operational Track Maps which identifies the core of the Severe Tropical Cyclone as having Very Destructive Winds.

What are Buffer Zone Winds?

Winds caused by a Severe Tropical Cyclone within the 5km area immediately surrounding  the Very Destructive Wind Zone.