First to Pay after a severe tropical cyclone


The following premiums are for indicative purposes only. To obtain a no obligation quote specific to your needs and location, register and log in as a Redicova user.


Cost per Unit

Queensland  $ 35.97 to $95.92
Northern Territory  $ 35.97 to $41.97
Western Australia  $ 155.87


Subscription Purchase Method

Redicova offer you the flexibility to choose a Sum Insured that meets your needs.

Our Subscription Purchase Method allows you to purchase as many units of insurance as and when you need them, subject to availability.

Each unit provides a Sum Insured amount of $1,000, so for example if you purchase 20 units you will have a Sum Insured of $20,000.

You can purchase one unit at a time or 1,000 units at once. It is your choice.
The cost per unit will be shown at the time of application and on Your Policy Schedule.

The premium is a fixed rate taking into consideration factors including the Insured Situation, the number of units of cover you request (Sum Insured) and your potential exposure to a Severe Tropical Cyclone at the Insured Situation.

On the 1st of November each year your premium becomes fully earned.  This means that cancellation after the 1st of November will not attract a refund.

Premiums are subject to Commonwealth and State taxes and/or charges where applicable. These can include GST, stamp duty, and any other charges.