First to Pay after a severe tropical cyclone

How to Apply

It’s so easy to apply!

Step 1 - User Registration

You must become a registered user to apply for a Redicova quote. Simply click on the Apply Now button to register.  You will receive an activation email.

IMPORTANT:  Please follow the instructions within your activation email to activate your account.

When your account is activated, we suggest that you read our Redicova User Guides before proceeding to quote.  Our user guides can be found under the Documents & Links tab.

We also recommend that you use a desktop computer, laptop or tablet to access our user portal.  Mobile phone screens are too small to navigate our portal with ease.

If you have persistent issues accessing the portal please contact Redicova customer support on

1300 733 426 or email

Step 2 - Login as a Registered User

You can choose the level of cover you need, so we sell cover in units each with a $1,000 Sum Insured.  You can purchase as many units as required, subject to availability. So you can buy one unit at a time or 1,000 units all at once. It's your choice.

Please Note:

The units purchased provide cover if Very Destructive Winds as a result of a Severe Tropical Cyclone, or winds within the 5km Buffer Zone, occur at the Insured Situation during the Period of Insurance.

The Insured Situation is the single location listed on your policy schedule.

Redicova is not a multi-location cover.

Each individual location should be insured separately if you require cover for more than one location.

Redicova is an annual policy of insurance - the same as your car or home insurance policy.

Redicova is valid for 12 months, unless the policy ends earlier in accordance with its terms - for example you cancel your cover or the full sum insured has been paid out as a result of a claim.

You will need to purchase additional Redicova units if you have made a claim and your sum insured is exhausted by your claim settlement and you wish to be covered for the remainder of the cyclone season.