First to Pay after a severe tropical cyclone

What is an Embargo

An embargo stops people from purchasing insurance when an event is known to be extremely likely or already having an impact.

If a risk is imminent, the likelihood of that risk occurring and therefore a claim being lodged, is consequentially higher.


Why do Redicova use embargoes?

To encourage proactive consumer behaviour. We encourage you to be prepared well in advance for the Cyclone Season.


When do Redicova embargoes start?

When BoM issue a Tropical Cyclone Watch, Advice or Warning that is likely to impact Northern Australia.


What happens during an embargo?

Redicova cease trading within the state (QLD, NT or WA) likely to be impacted by the forecast tropical cyclone system.


How long do embargoes last?

Until the threat has passed and the cyclone has ended.


How do you avoid being caught out by an embargo?

Purchase cover well in advance of the cyclone season and avoid allowing a policy to lapse.